Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Modern Day Robinhood

Change the World!

Those were the words John Schneider wrote on the Fender guitar used in the Doonby the Movie Guitar Give-away contest. Initially, I thought they were just part of some cryptic clue to the puzzling incidents surrounding his mysterious character, Sam Doonby. However, the more I learn about my life-long hero, the more they seem to be the words that he lives by.   

Bo Duke

    From beginning his dream to become a professional actor on the Dukes of Hazzard in 1979 and going on to play Jonathan Kent on Smallville and numerous other televisions roles,
Check out John's latest The Promise on iTunes.

 Becoming a professional recording artist in 1981
who went on to record 11 albums that garnered
10 top-ten country hits, including four #1s,
John supporting CMN.

        Co-founding the Children’s Miracle Network with Marie Osmond in 1983.
John as Billy Flynn in Chicago

Beginning his professional Broadway career as
Felix Von Gaigern in Grand Hotel in 1989
Hear John's Testimony.

My Coach - Ripped Duke!
 And recently becoming a Coach on
– Team BeachBody’s top Coach for July
Yeehaa for Team Ripped Duke!
It’s no mystery that John Schneider has brought a lot of joy and happiness into my life since 1979. He has been an inspiration that led me to volunteer and help others as a teenager, something I still do today. I’ve admired his dedication to his family as a father and husband, but I must admit that he surprised me again when he posted his own personal fitness story on TeamBeachBody.com. John not only shares his story but his before and after pictures. His honesty and sincerity to help end obesity and encourage health has inspired me to do the same in my own life. 

John is becoming the poster boy to Change the World, one person at a time by working on his own body, mind and soul. Like my father always said the best way to inspire others is to talk the talk and walk the walk – John seems to being doing so.

Change the World

Body – Living healthy and inspiring others to do the same. Check him out on TeamBeachBody.com

Mind – Being Open to new ideas to make the world a better place. Check out John’s thoughts on Thanking the Monkey (http://www.thankingthemonkey.com/nybooklaunch.php).

Soul – Helping others through his various charitable events like his upcoming appearance at the Thrilla in Marilla

I posted all these pictures since it would be a crime to just choose one.

This real man of steel isn’t just changing the world one person at a time. He’s still out there working. Here are a few new projects coming our way. John may be the hardest working man in Hollywood, lol.

John as Sam Doonby

John as William Beck in 10,000 Days
John as Jake Hagerty &
Devin Mills as Samatha Collins in
Dating in the Middle Ages

John & Jenn Gotzon from this Doonby still
will work together again in Gabriel.
John's costar from Doonby, Jenn Gotzon, is fast becoming my female hero. A strong, beautiful woman who is also walking the walk and a living example of how to be a Christian female in today's world. Check out her thoughts on real beauty

Thanks, John, for the inspiration to improve my life and those of the people around me.
Like my coach says,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

John Schneider is Sam Doonby: Official Trailer

If you haven’t heard, there’s a lot of wonderful hype going around about a little independent film called Doonby. What’s it about? Who is Sam Doonby? 
The easy answer to that question is that Doonby is a film written and directed by Peter Mackenzie starring John Schneider as mysterious drifter Sam Doonby. The film also stars Jenn Gotzon who plays Laura Reaper, Sam’s love interest, and Ernie Hudson as Leroy Jackson, the owner of the local blues bar where the two meet. The film is described by "pre-screeners" as a sexy, action-packed, psychological thriller that makes you think and feel.  The acting debut of Norma McCorvey, otherwise known as the Jane Roe in Roe v. Wade, may add to the films controversy but hasn’t appeared to diminish its appeal.  This film seems to be about life and what we choose to do with it. When asked about the film's political nature on their Facebook page, filmmakers said, "There are messages in every movie, but the primary question is always 'is it entertaining?' We think Doonby is a great story that will definitely be entertaining." As a cinephile, I can honestly say that my main goal when seeing a film is just thatto be entertained. These filmmakers seem to get that.
The official trailer for the film, released yesterday, is both more coherent and mysterious  than previous incarnations. 

This new trailer promises a story that will take us, along with its small town, on a trip down the rabbit hole as we search for a truth, which isn't what we expect it to be.
I’ll admit that John Schneider, in any role, is more than enough to get me to the theater and hand over my $12.50. I have watched his career develop over the years and he’s finally grown from the platinum blond, boy driver into a mature, silver screen, leading man the likes of which don’t seem to grace films anymore (Don’t get me started on that subject.) John Schneider has shown that he can be a truly great actor and it's time to start taking him seriously. Doonby could be the start of something in his acting career that I could get used to—John get your paste wax ready.
The Doonby filmmakers have said on their FB page that they chose their cast by looking for the best actors to connect with the audience. The aforementioned sexy, blond duo of John Schneider and Jenn Gotzon, the handsome Ernie Hudson and other stars Robert Davi, Jennifer O’Neill, Joe Estevez and Will Wallace along with an exciting, thought-provoking script, seem to be what is needed to fit that bill.  I can honestly say that I can’t wait to see this film and find out who Sam Doonby really is.

Monday, May 30, 2011

What a Fox! - John Schneider promotes Doonby on Fox.

John Schneider will be on Fox & Friends this Tuesday at 5:50am PST/8:50am EST
Not only has John been working hard using P90X and become a walking billboard for staying fit; but he's also working hard to promote Doonby.  Catch him live Tuesday, May 31, 2011 on Fox & Friends or set your DVR so you can watch it over and over and...well you get the picture.

Check out one of John's previous visits to Fox & Friends talking about Doonby after filming wrapped here.

Change the World!

Don't forget to watch for Doonby's release this Fall.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

John Schneider is Sam Doonby: New Trailer

The Doonby RV Tour has begun! Spreading the word about the new movie, Doonby, starring John Schneider, Jenn Gotzon, Ernie Hudson & Robert Davi. Check out my blog page following the adventures of Jesse & Ryan of the Doonby marketing team as they spread the word about the film and don't forget to check out their first-hand account.

I've blogged about Doonby before, and just recently checked out the latest trailer that's been posted on Vimeo. Not only am I a passionate John Schneider fan (Duh!), but I also love movies and all the associated accouterments.  I love movie posters and standees, trailers, the smell of popcorn, a freezing theater and even those pitiful movie trivia questions they force you to sit through over and over before the film starts. I won't sit down to watch a film if one second of the opening credits have begun and I'm there until the last credit.  I knew I was going to marry my husband when we both chose the exact same seat when we went to see our first movie together. Okay, so I'm a big fan of cinema.

A movie poster can make or break your initial impression of a film. And I like Doonby's poster. It creates a mystery and begins to tell a story. Who is this guy? Where is he going? How do you catch a bus in the middle of no where?

Even more so, a trailer, within mere moments, can ignite or destroy your curiosity for a film influencing your decision of whether or not you will fork out the dough to see a it. I can honestly say that after viewing this trailer:  I want to see this film! This trailer is well edited, mysterious, sexy, gritty and exciting. Laura's longing gaze to find out more about this drifter feeds my own curiosity. And the drifter's, "My future is the next second, Laura. You see it? There it went." is a red flag for a relationship that seems destined for a Romeo & Juliet ending. A real train crash in the making, but I don't want look away from the wreckage. I hope the meal lives up to the appetizer.

Doonby the movie is set to be released this September 2011.

Friday, April 15, 2011

The Real Man of Steel!

I never thought that I would ever catch myself saying this, but I am so happy to see April 15th roll around this year.  Sadly, Smallville is in its final season with only four episodes left before the 2-part finale. But unlike other shows that I watched faithfully (X-files!) waiting for some form of resolution or satisfying ending, Smallville is going out with a bang!

The first firecracker off of the launch pad - John Schneider returns as Jonathan Kent. The crux of the Smallville mythos, what makes Clark Kent into Superman, comes from the lips of Clark Luthor himself, "Talk about nature vs. nurture..." We all know that means Ma & Pa Kent. Over the past 10 years Smallville has brought youth, vitality, intelligence and sex appeal back into the Superman legend. While John Schneider's Jonathan Kent has provided an easy, laid-back integrity that has repeatedly brought tears to all our eyes.

The teasers on http://www.cwtv.com/ hint at an opportunity for us to see another side to Jonathan Kent. (Okay, alternate-reality Jonathan). One that we knew was there lurking under the surface: a passionate, take-no-prisoners side that Martha and fatherhood kept safely in check. How apropos to see "THE REAL MAN OF STEEL" flash on to the screen just before we get to see Jonathan Kent finally kick butt!

If you haven't seen tonight's teaser, check it out.

To commemorate this joyous occasion, I designed myself two new t-shirts:  

If you'd like one for yourself just check out my t-shirts page. Clark may not be able to, but you and I can let our freak flags fly!

Friday, April 1, 2011

John Schneider is Sam Doonby.

Jonathan KentSmallville

John Schneider recently completed filming the finale of Smallville for what may be, to date, his most notable role - Jonathan Kent, the adoptive father of Superman. The Superman mythology is no stranger to most people, but Smallville finally shed light on the elusive Man of Steel mystique that makes Superman so irresistible to us all. How could someone so powerful be so good and so human, in the best sense of the word? The answer to that question is a much needed one in today’s world: good parenting, especially the parenting of one father, Jonathan Kent. 
Superman is who his parents raised him to be; moreover, the man his father raised him to be - a humble protector to those in need.  Smallville’s great writing and production are a spring board for what John Schneider feels is possibly the best father-son relationship that has ever been portrayed on television. After watching John Schneider and Tom Welling deliver incredible performances for 10 years, I have to say that I agree with him. However, the role of Jonathan Kent is just the tip of the iceberg in a career that has included over 100 acting, writing, producing or directing roles for well over 30 years. Not to mention a successful country music career that included 4 No. 1 hits.
Bo DukeThe Dukes of Hazzard
John Schneider’s character as the good looking, lead-footed and good-hearted Bo (Beauregard) Duke on the Dukes of Hazzard is the role that first catapulted him to stardom. The Dukes is still a favorite when it airs on CMT thanks to the family values at its core, an underrated cast of actors and incredible stunt performances that still take my breath away.

Daniel SimonDr. Quinn Medicine Woman
After the Dukes ended, John Schneider went on to many other roles, particularly: Daniel Simon on the last Seasons of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman; a religious father raising a teen aged daughter, Marshal Bowman on The Secret Life of an American Teenager; a construction contractor who loses everything but finds love and trouble on a cross country road trip, Mick Jeremiah in The Gods of Circumstance and now Sam Doonby…
Mick JeremiahThe Gods of Circumstance
Winner, Best Actor,
British Film Festival

Who is Sam Doonby? That is the question. Sam Doonby is a mysterious drifter who steps off a Greyhound bus and into the spotlight of a sleepy, Texas town after becoming a small-town star at a local hot spot, Leroy's Country Blues Bar(Ernie Hudson is Leroy).  Sam’s handsome face, musical talent and seductive charm are irresistible to the attractive daughter of the town’s doctor, Laura Reaper (Jenn Gotzon).
Sam always seems to be in the right place at the right time to prevent disasters from befalling the town’s inhabitants but his good deeds eventually lead the townsfolk to look upon him with doubt and suspicion.  The townspeople soon realize that they never needed a ‘hero’ before Sam Doonby showed up and eventually he becomes an object of suspicion.  The film moves from us and Laura asking who Sam Doonby is to exploring a world where one never existed. Sam’s disappearance has chilling implications for Laura, her family and the entire town.
Director/screenwriter Peter Mackenzie’s basic scenario of the film has always been, “to make people think about the value of life and the effect we all have on each other.”
Doonby partial cast
This film described as a grittier, modern day It’s a Wonderful Life should give us all an opportunity to take a look at ourselves, Sam Doonby and another side of the actor, John Schneider.

Be sure to check back for my review of Doonby after its release September 2011. For more information please go to http://doonbythemovie.com/ and please like Doonby at http://www.facebook.com/doonbythemovie.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

JRS or Bust: MegaJohn!

Before I blog a single word I must thank the one person who made my JRS or Bust, Orlando MegaCon dream come true - my husband aka Mr. Strwrsgrl.
Saturday, March 26th, 2011 - 1:30 am:  I couldn’t sleep and may have been getting a little anxious. So, Mr. Strwrsgrl decided that driving towards John Schneider…I mean Orlando…might calm me down. We kissed our daughter goodbye, loaded the JRS or Bust CD I made for the occasion and hit the open road. The CD is about 40 minutes long and I played it over and over and over until we reached Orlando. I did occasionally exchange it for the Twentysixmiles Soundtrack, but it was 3½ hours of John Schneider music all the way there – Bliss! I of course already knew all the words to all the songs. Now, for better or worse, so does my husband, lol.
Saturday, March 26th, 2011 – 5:00 am:  We drove by the Orlando Convention Center just to see if the MegaCon banners were raised. They were. Nothing could have been more impressive than seeing the Star Wars Celebration banners that we had seen there the previous August 2010 unless John Schneider himself had been hanging outside the building. My excitement growing, my husband decided to check our hotel to see if we could check-in a day early, but they were booked. We decided to have coffee at Denny’s and see how long I could wait before we might be let in at the convention center.
Saturday, March 26th, 2011 - 8:45 am: Standing in line to enter the MegaCon was so much fun. Yes, I am a John Schneider/Star Wars fan first and foremost, but I also collect Spiderman comic books. I’ve seen every episode of Star Trek and STNG – Make it so!  I introduced my daughter to Anime and Manga and therefore have an enjoyable working knowledge of that world.  There was Cosplay all around us and it was fun to watch. Keeping all that in mind…I came to this MegaCon for one thing and one thing only – John R. Schneider.  I told my husband, I will not look at or spend a single cent on anything else.  By now with all the list making and planning, I think it’s obvious that I’m a little neurotic. Yes, I’m crazy. I own it, but more than crazy - I am loyal. I love you Stan Lee, but ‘Nuff Said.
Saturday, March 26th, 2011 - 10:00 am: The doors opened and the crazed masses entered the ‘Con. I made a beeline for the autograph area. My heart rate and the pressure on my husband’s hand increased with each step as we neared his table. And then…he wasn’t there. The sun-glassed gentleman at his table advised us that he would be there in about a half hour and let us look over the photos and DVDs that were available.  It was a veritable Schneider-smorgasbord.

I paced like a hungry lioness for about 20 minutes and then we decided to go wait in the concession area so that I wouldn’t pounce when he came out. We returned to the signing area around 11:30 am and my breath caught in my throat…There was John Schneider! Honestly, my first thought was, where is all his hair and then I remembered that he just finished shooting the final episodes of Smallville – Pa Kent = short hair (except for Lazarus). I used to think that I preferred him with longer hair, but after this weekend I just can’t decide anymore, lol.

The line for Mr. Schneider was constant the entire day and I must admit that I kept moving to the back because I was thrilled, scared and enthralled all at the same time. The closer I got the more clearly I could hear his familiar baritone over the buzz of the convention floor. Centimeter by centimeter I moved closer. With every show of that glorious smile my John Schneider-induced hot flashes intensified.  I have never had a hot flash before, but I imagine that that is what they feel like.  Heart racing, head spinning, body temperature rising: John Schneider was the most thrilling amusement ride in Orlando that weekend.

Everything seemed to be going quite well and then John ran over to thank the fans for patiently waiting in line about 18 inches from me…I lost it! I started crying, shaking and if not for graduating finishing school may have wet my pants.
Then, I was next in line! I whispered to my husband, “I can’t do it.” John looked at me. I just said that John Schneider: the actor who played Bo Duke, Eddie Macon, Daniel Simon, Jonathan Kent, Jack Kincaid, Sam Doonby…etc. looked…at…me and said, “There’s no escaping it now,” or something to that effect.  My normally, near picture-perfect memory was completely fried this weekend.

I stepped forward like the cowardly lioness asking the Wizard for courage, and a new heart since I’d just blown the fuse on my last one. I can’t remember a thing that I said, but I do know that my big-mouthed, adorable husband told John that I had waited over 32 years for this moment and also that he has been the other man in our household these 17 years that we have been married. I do remember giving him the gift bag and card that I had prepared for his 51st birthday (April 8th – A holiday at our house). I explained what each item was and then I was gestured to come around to his side of the table for my photograph.
I remember beginning to tell my husband to hurry up and take the picture and then said aloud, “What am I saying? Take your time.”  I stood there in John Schneider’s arms, holding him and smiled for the camera. I know that I was in his arms and holding John Schneider because I saw it in two pictures that I saw later that day.  I don’t actually remember feeling it. The encounter didn’t last more than four minutes. The line was long and I was so happy that there were many John Schneider fans there waiting for autographs and pictures.
After going to a quiet area to resuscitate, I later returned to the edge of the autograph area and tried to nonchalantly stare at JRS for the remainder of the day.  Now this was just so that I could get enough usable pictures for the blog, lol. (Remember my photographer daughter was not there, only my husband who had never used that particular camera before. My husband was tireless and patient.)
Because my husband was going to be taking the pictures and not my daughter, I purchased Froggy Photos in advance so that I would have at least two good pictures of me, my husband and John Schneider.  One for each day of the convention that John was going to be there. (I later found out that he arrived early and showed up on Friday – AHHH!)
Saturday, March 26th, 2011 - 3:00 pm: After stalking watching John Schneider from a distance, we left for a much needed power nap for my husband in a convention hallway. We returned to wait in line for our professional Froggy photos and I met my ‘sisters’, the other John Schneider fans who had traveled from far and wide to see JRS that day.  We recounted our childhood stories of crushes, favorite episodes and our latest John Schneider encounters for over an hour. Mary Lou, Diane, Lisa and so many others – John Schneider fans are the best! Then quick as a flash it was time for our pictures.  The photos take seconds and then they are over, but they are so worth it.   
When it was our turn for photographing my JSIHF (John Schneider-induced Hot Flashes) returned. I stepped up with my husband, John looked at me and said, “You, again?” but in a nice, humorous way.  He then proceeded to direct our picture session based on all the things my husband had said to him before at the table .  He would play the ‘interloper’ holding me again in his arms *sigh* and holding my husband at bay.  He told my husband to try and get me away from him (Over my dead body, lol.) And then Mr. John Schneider asked me to put my hand on his neck. My heart is racing just at the memory of the request. I have always been obedient and complied.  The back of my hand brushed against the stubble on his cheek. Then my hand, of its own volition, rubbed his unshaven cheek and I could not stop myself from saying, “That feels nice.” John turned to my husband and said, “She’s feisty isn’t she.” Needless to say the picture turned out awesome and I will treasure it for ever.  John is a great director! Is there anything he isn’t great at?
We communed with the other Schneider fans until our photos were ready and then hung around the autograph session until the MegaCon ended for the night. At this point, I hadn’t slept more than three hours in the past two days and hadn’t eaten since 5:00 am that morning. I was in complete shock.  We went to our hotel which turned us away because of plumbing problems in several buildings and had to check into one of their sister hotels.  It was a crazy night.  I couldn’t remember actually being in the first photos that I took with John and was determined to concentrate the next day so that I could remember every moment.  My husband was admittedly blown away by how gracious and kind John was and to me and all of his fans. 

I was a very proud fan as I watched John be attentive to each person who had taken their time and money to meet him.
I got a decent night’s sleep but kept waking up because I was afraid the alarm clock wouldn’t go off and we would be late for day two.  The agenda for day two involved John Schneider’s Superman’s Father panel, another Froggy’s photo session with John and my final autograph time.
I was too nervous to eat, so we went immediately to the MegaCon and were first in line at the Superman’s panel discussion room.  Luckily, we met the most awesome people Myna & Peter and spent over an hour talking to them about all things Japanese, Anime & Manga because I was missing my daughter. Honestly, my husband and I have only attended two conventions since our daughter was born, but we meet people that we honestly want to know for the rest of our lives, Myna & Peter were definitely two such people.
Next thing I know, It was time to go wait for John.  We went and got seats in the second row, right in front of the stage and that is where I met some other JRS fans.  The JRS fans and some other Smallville fans all discussed our disappointment that Chloe wasn’t really Lois and that she would never end up with Clark as we all wanted. I thought I was the only person who felt that way. Then I babbled on and on about John Schneider like I had Tourette's syndrome. It was then that Denise and Linda decided that I was their other ‘sister’ spirits in the life-long John Schneider fan club. I loved these two gals immediately and we plan to keep in touch.  Some other Smallville fan was astounded at my John Schneider knowledge and asked if I even knew his Social Security number.  I’ll never tell!

Mark, the host for the panel, was awesome and soon introduced John to a screaming crowd.  My husband pulled me back into my chair when I stood clapping, lol. Then 50 minutes of an awesome, wonderful conversation with John Schneider.  John only had to ask me once to let some other fans ask questions, too. He was so nice.  John talked about stories from his childhood, Smallville and some new projects for his fans to look out for.  Most notably, Doonby and its soundtrack which should be released in theaters later this year. Also, a show that he is working on and co-producing for Nick-at-Nite with Cher. The project that I am most intrigued by is ‘Backwater’, a script that he wrote and will direct.  Keeping my fingers crossed on that one.
Then we met another group of fans at our second Froggy Photo’s session, especially Marie, and hope to see them again at another Con in Orlando. I again had a bout of JSIHF. This time when I entered the photo area John said, “The questioner.” My husband decided that I should take this photo with John alone and so we did.  The first time I forgot to look at the camera and stood there holding John and staring at my husband *sigh*. When I admitted that I was looking the wrong way, John said, “You can look at your husband anytime.” We took another photo and I must admit that it is my favorite.

My husband and I again chatted with the new JRS fan friends that we met, as I mentally stalled the ending of the Orlando MegaCon. When the final photograph was printed, I went over to John’s table for the last time and got the director’s cut of Collier & Co., which he autographed for a friend of mine. John asked to see the last photo that we took together and signed that one with a funny comment. We spoke for a short while and then as quickly as my dream had begun it was over.
I turned and stood there for a few moments, not watching him, but listening to the kind way he treated all of his fans and then without looking back, lest I turn into a pillar of salt, I walked away.  When we got to the exit of the main hall it finally hit me that I had met someone who has been in my life for 32 years and I began to cry.  I’m crying again now. Not that it’s over, but that I finally did it and that John Schneider was as kind and wonderful as I knew he would be.  I only hope I wasn’t too much of a nuisance to him, lol. I don’t regret one second of my fandom of John Schneider and will be a fan for the rest of my life. He really is @therealtrueshit!
Mega John -Yeehaa!