Tuesday, April 26, 2011

John Schneider is Sam Doonby: New Trailer

The Doonby RV Tour has begun! Spreading the word about the new movie, Doonby, starring John Schneider, Jenn Gotzon, Ernie Hudson & Robert Davi. Check out my blog page following the adventures of Jesse & Ryan of the Doonby marketing team as they spread the word about the film and don't forget to check out their first-hand account.

I've blogged about Doonby before, and just recently checked out the latest trailer that's been posted on Vimeo. Not only am I a passionate John Schneider fan (Duh!), but I also love movies and all the associated accouterments.  I love movie posters and standees, trailers, the smell of popcorn, a freezing theater and even those pitiful movie trivia questions they force you to sit through over and over before the film starts. I won't sit down to watch a film if one second of the opening credits have begun and I'm there until the last credit.  I knew I was going to marry my husband when we both chose the exact same seat when we went to see our first movie together. Okay, so I'm a big fan of cinema.

A movie poster can make or break your initial impression of a film. And I like Doonby's poster. It creates a mystery and begins to tell a story. Who is this guy? Where is he going? How do you catch a bus in the middle of no where?

Even more so, a trailer, within mere moments, can ignite or destroy your curiosity for a film influencing your decision of whether or not you will fork out the dough to see a it. I can honestly say that after viewing this trailer:  I want to see this film! This trailer is well edited, mysterious, sexy, gritty and exciting. Laura's longing gaze to find out more about this drifter feeds my own curiosity. And the drifter's, "My future is the next second, Laura. You see it? There it went." is a red flag for a relationship that seems destined for a Romeo & Juliet ending. A real train crash in the making, but I don't want look away from the wreckage. I hope the meal lives up to the appetizer.

Doonby the movie is set to be released this September 2011.

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Jenn Gotzon said...

Its adorable how much you adore the wonderfully talented John Schneider. He is a really a genuine, kindhearted person. He taught me so much working with him last year when we shot Doonby.

If you ever visit Smithville, TX (near Austin, TX) where'Doonby was filmed. You have to request to stay in the room named after John Schneider at the The Auberge Bed and Breakfast http://www.smithvillebandb.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=4&Itemid=2
The people who run this B&B are the best cooks and funniest people around Mark and Lauren Nailen.

btw --- What a brillllllllllllllliant blog post. OMG.. i just loved it. Its soo much fun seeing the Doonby buzz ignite. Your writing is really fantastic, catchy and entertaining to read.

Thank you for being a very good friend to all of us Doonby'ers. :)

(it made me giggle seeing that you were intrigued by the curiosities created in the trailer with Sam Doonby and Laura Reaper... you are in for a big treat... hee, hee)

warmest smiles,
Jenn Gotzon
aka Laura Reaper in Doonby

btw, if any of your friends have questions about getting into the entertainment industry, have them post their question on my facebook www.facebook.com/jenngotzon.fanpage
I really wanna help those aspiring to follow their dreams. :)