Friday, April 15, 2011

The Real Man of Steel!

I never thought that I would ever catch myself saying this, but I am so happy to see April 15th roll around this year.  Sadly, Smallville is in its final season with only four episodes left before the 2-part finale. But unlike other shows that I watched faithfully (X-files!) waiting for some form of resolution or satisfying ending, Smallville is going out with a bang!

The first firecracker off of the launch pad - John Schneider returns as Jonathan Kent. The crux of the Smallville mythos, what makes Clark Kent into Superman, comes from the lips of Clark Luthor himself, "Talk about nature vs. nurture..." We all know that means Ma & Pa Kent. Over the past 10 years Smallville has brought youth, vitality, intelligence and sex appeal back into the Superman legend. While John Schneider's Jonathan Kent has provided an easy, laid-back integrity that has repeatedly brought tears to all our eyes.

The teasers on hint at an opportunity for us to see another side to Jonathan Kent. (Okay, alternate-reality Jonathan). One that we knew was there lurking under the surface: a passionate, take-no-prisoners side that Martha and fatherhood kept safely in check. How apropos to see "THE REAL MAN OF STEEL" flash on to the screen just before we get to see Jonathan Kent finally kick butt!

If you haven't seen tonight's teaser, check it out.

To commemorate this joyous occasion, I designed myself two new t-shirts:  

If you'd like one for yourself just check out my t-shirts page. Clark may not be able to, but you and I can let our freak flags fly!

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