Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dating in the Middle Ages

John Schneider "Jake Hagarty" and Devin Mills "Samantha Collins" in Dating in the Middle Ages

How could I ever know that my most romantic John Schneider fantasies would be a woman! I couldn't-but I'm glad that Devin Mills and her new web series Dating in the Middle Ages is here to fill the bill. 

The first four episodes were released in 2010 and they are smart, musical and funny. Think Glee meets Sex and the City with a dash of Desperate Housewives. Devin Mills of Big Love, OC, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives is Samantha Collins. Miss Mills' many years of acting, dancing and singing since the age of three is very apparent as she morphs into Madonna, circa 2010, for the now more intelligent, stylish and experienced women we all hope we have become. You can catch me most days rocking to the music video Lady Grant from Episode 3: Dream Lover as I go about my daily tasks. It is great to work out to. Watch for the release of the Lady Grant music video early this year on iTunes.  You will not be disappointed.

Samantha is pretty, witty and looking for love.  She is tough and still maintains her vulnerability, as well as her scene of humor as she begins the seemingly impossible task of finding love in her middle ages. With 40 being the new 20, who even knows what middle-aged is anymore.

To add that weak in the knees, yum factor that all good romantic comedies need, enter John Schneider - tall, handsome, charming leading man.  I don't know if you've ever watched the Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville, Nip Tuck, Dirty Sexy Money or any number of television movies but 50 has never looked so good.  But he's not just a pretty face. His many years of television, theater and film have given him an earnest, heartfelt style of acting. (I can't tell you how many times he's made me cry watching Smallville.) Though he has played the romantic lead on many previous projects, Jack Hagarty seems to be that rare role that will give him the opportunity to combine his dramatic, comedic, musical and dancing talents in a modern day Grace Kelly meets Cary Grant love story with a musical twist.

Shooting for the second season of Dating in the Middle Ages is scheduled to begin March/April 2011. Look out for other familiar faces to join the cast.

Dating has definitely gone medieval!



Trish said...

Tune in to LA Talk Radio online @ 6 PM Pacific TOMORROW February 1, 2010 to hear John Schneider & Devin Mills on DITMA

Trish said...

Guess what?! I knew it, but now its official. I'm the Dating in the Middle Ages Fan of the Month. I'm not one to toot my own horn, but anything to help spread the word about any new John Schneider project - especially one that is so well written and funny. Plus I got to add some new FanGirl goodies to my warchest, lol. Check out my closet.

Anonymous said...

I just watched DITMA online, very cute story, but are there anymore eps? I know there are four, but they are very short. Now these have only whet my desire for more, especially if John Schneider is the lead male. Here's hoping.

Strwrsgrl said...

DITMA's new episodes are supposed to begin filming next month, April 2011. I will keep my fingers crossed and post anything I know here. Sign up for the DITMA newsletter to get the latest news @