Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JRS or Bust: Day 23 and counting

Yesterday did not start out to be a good day. I spent the entire weekend working and got so tired I could hardly think straight. Everything seemed to be going wrong, and then my phone rang. It was John Schneider! Okay, it wasn’t actually him-in person. It was my IHOP National Pancake Day Wake-up Call for the Children’s Miracle Network. Somehow, for my entire life it seems, whenever I need to hear something to cheer me up or am dealing with a difficult situation John seems to be there with the right words. Yesterday was no different. I cheered up and remembered that there are other people in this world some better off and some worse off than myself. My job is to try to help anyone that I can.

John Schneider is doing something to help others via these wake-up calls. You think that he would get support from CBS his old home on TV: Dukes of Hazzard, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Hardball (Yes, I watched Hardball), etc., but CBS tried to warn people against the evils of IHOP pancakes. I can’t believe it. With everything that is going on in the world, let’s try to discourage people from giving to charity. How about saying if you eat pancakes at IHOP try to do so in moderation because they aren’t the healthiest thing on the menu and give something to charity to help others. Who didn’t know pancakes aren’t healthy? They have buttermilk, syrup and they taste great. Of course, they aren’t healthy, lol. If you don’t eat pancakes, go anyway, order something else, but still donate something to charity.

Did CBS offer a place to find a healthy pancake? Well, I will. If you are looking for a healthy alternative go to I figure if you are an informed adult you can make your own decision. I guess any publicity is good publicity.

Don't forget to donate if you can.

Children's Miracle Network

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