Thursday, March 24, 2011

JRS or Bust: 1 Day

Awesome photo I found on Alan Mercer's Profile, best John Schneider pictures I have seen to date.
1 Day!

I have made additional Orlando MegaCon preparations to get me through waiting in line for John Schneider. I have loaded my mp3 player with all things Schneider related. It was a tough decision but I have included the following.  I tried to stay away from your typical, expected playlist.  I love ‘Country Girls’ as much as the next JRS fan, but I wanted to listen to songs that were more uncommon. I can’t wait for the Doonby Soundtrack.

1.     My John Schneider Yeehaa! Ringtone
2.     Beautiful Girl by the Renegades featuring John Schneider
3.     Don’t Wanna Change by the Renegades featuring John Schneider
4.     Lady by John Schneider on Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters
5.     Night and Day by the Renegades featuring John Schneider
6.     She’s Got a Way by the Renegades featuring John Schneider
7.     Please Come Home for Christmas by John Schneider on Tennessee Christmas
8.     Good Ol’ Boys by John Schneider
9.     Lady Grant not John Schneider but from his project Dating in the Middle Ages
10.  The Promise
11.  John's Acoustic Christmas CD
12.  The One Who Got Away
13.  Honeymoon Wine
14.  If We Can’t Have Forever

Our art school, photographer teenager will not be at MegaCon due to conflicting schedules. So I’m a little nervous now about my Schneider pics (Hubby is taking them). I bought four new high content SD cards for the digital camera and made Lil’ Strwrsgrl, our daughter, teach my husband how to really use it.  I’m a geek goddess with all things technical but Mr. Strwrsgrl thinks I will be useless for any technical assistance this weekend, for some reason.

Today, went much better than I could have expected. I didn’t have any panic attacks; although, I did distract myself by baking and cooking all morning.  Now that I have finished up at work for the week and done everything I can around the house.  (I even dusted the air conditioning vents to distract myself.)

I intend to keep a journal and record all my feelings during the Orlando MegaCon.  I did a journal for Star Wars Celebration V and it was great fun. I also intend to blog my entire experience here.  However, I will be moving on to other articles I have planned: including Doonby and many other JRS projects.

My husband says that his only worry is that I have such a good time that I become a JRS version of a Grateful Dead, deadhead. Hmmm…what a wonderful idea!


I've designed my own personal ‘deadhead’ symbol for the occasion.

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