Wednesday, March 9, 2011

JRS OR BUST: 16 Days and Couting

Awesome photo I found on Alan Mercer's Profile, best John Schneider pictures and article I have seen to date.

16 Days...

I'm getting so close to John Schneider's appearance at the Orlando Mega Con that the Dark side is trying to take a hold of me.  Another fan who was planning on seeing JRS at a Toronto convention tweeted that the appearance was cancelled because of a scheduling conflict and filming for a new project.  Now that I hear John Schneider is filming a pilot for CMT, The Dukes of Diesel, I'm excited and scared - all at the same time.  My excitement has lead to attachment...which leads to fear of loss..and fear leads to sufferring...and we all know sufferring leads to the Dark side.

Help me Beauregard Duke, you're my only hope!

I'm never sad that @therealtrueshit is too busy to tweet or post to his web page because he's working on a new project. The more he works; the more there is for we fans to see. But, this is my appearance! I guess I had better look at this the way I told the other fan to, from the bright side.  I could have a new show to watch on CMT starring John Schneider, which is aways a good thing.  I don't care what network you watch that is Must See TV.


Mary Lou said...

Hey, Strwrsgirl,
You have to change your greeting. It's April 8, John's birthday, but unfortunately, Megacon is over.
It was a blast meeting you. Thanks for your help. Keep in touch!

Mary Lou

Strwrsgrl said...

I did you have to check out the main page of the Blog, lol. Although, every day will feel like yesterday was MegaCon from now forward, lol. Although, I am planning my next John Schneider encounter. Hopefully, Philadelphia for ComicCon aka JohnCon, lol.