Friday, March 4, 2011

JRS or Bust: 21 Days and counting...

Awesome photo I found on Alan Mercer's Profile, best John Schneider pictures and article I have seen to date.

Something weird is definitely going on with my karma. I got another consulting referral with a customer named Schneider. They asked if I needed them to spell their last name for me and I almost fell out of my chair. I have been staring at that last name for over 30 years. That's like asking me if I know how to spell George Lucas.

The other weird karma occurrence needs a bit of explanation. I plead guilty to being a horrible prankster and teasing my husband incessantly for the last 17 years. I used to be notorious for my April Fool's Day pranks, but Mr. Strwrsgrl finally revoked my privileges and I am no longer allowed to celebrate that holiday.
Well, I love to cook and bake 100% homemade cakes, cookies, bread, cinnamon rolls, pastries, etc. My latest prank involved telling my husband that since John Schneider has brought so much joy into my life that maybe I could repay the favor, if only slightly, by making John a baked-goods basket with a couple loaves of bread, some cookies and my delicious cinnamon rolls. My husband, of course, said NO!

I pretended that I didn't understand why he wouldn't want me to bake something for John Schneider. Then later that week, as we were watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager Vol 1. Ep. 10 - Back to School Special. A scene involving John as Marshall Bowman explaining to his teenage daughter Grace (Megan Park) about making lunch for a boy she likes:
My husband said that even John agreed with him. There died any hopes for John's goody basket...I hope he likes the mug I designed for him, lol.
Marshall Bowman: So you're gonna offer yourself up to him over a sandwich. Does that sound like the beginning of a good relationship to you?

Grace Bowman: Mom cooks for you every night.

Marshall Bowman: I'm sleeping with your mother.

Grace Bowman: Eww.

That marked the end of the baked-goods basket. I hope John likes the mug I designed, lol.

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